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  A Little Cheesy!     

Tillamook County Fair The Tillamook County Fair has been around for over one hundred years, how much of that involved horse racing, I'm not sure. The track is another of the Pacific Northwest bullrings, a half miler that runs a few days a year.

There was or still may be a tradition at The Tillamook Races, each race the Rodeo Queen puts a block of cheese on each stables stall in the paddock' during the race. What's better than that the winner gets a five pound wheel in the winners circle. Tillamook does boast of having a creamery, maybe they're the donor.

In 2013 Tillamook ran for four days, the most in current years. Most years the meet was three days. Back in the nineties it didn't look like much racing was going on if any at all.