The Atlantic Seaboard Circuit was a series of harness races conducted at east coast harness tracks. The series was the brainchild of Louis Lobel, who was the director of racing at Rockingham Park. The circuit kicked off in 1963, it started in early spring at Rockingham Park and concluded with the finale at Suffolk Downs in the late fall. Stops along the were made at Laurel and Rosecroft Raceway's in Maryland, then back to New England for races at Bay State and again Rockingham, before the final in East Boston.

In 1978 each race had a purse of $10,000 with the final having a value of $40,000. To be eligible for the final a horse had to compete in at least one race at each host track. Unfortunately the series fell apart by the seventies, but during it's run produced some high class racing at the host tracks