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 Worlds Largest Simulcast Facility !     

Ladies Day Built on grounds that were historically used for duels in the 19th century, Kentucky Downs was opened as the Dueling Grounds in 1990. The track is unique in the fact it has no dirt course. It is a European style turf course of angular design, one mile and three eight in length, and has no infield tote board. In it's first couple of years Dueling Grounds conducted one day of steeplechase racing, enough to retain a simulcast license in Kentucky. Located just feet from the Tennessee, it seems there would be a good client base from that non wagering state. This didn't seem to be the case.

Ladies DayDueling Grounds struggled in it's infancy. In 1993 the track converted to thoroughbred racing and expanded the number of racing days to six. This format didn't seem to help much as the yearly meet was hit or miss till 1998.

In 1997 new ownership to over the facility and renamed it Kentucky Downs. The new track opened in 1998 with thoroughbred racing which still runs till this date. In 2011 the track received a major boost when Instant Wagering was initiated at the plant. Instant Wagering is similar to slot machines, and uses previously run races to determine results. The track also survived a challenge by local churches to banish this form of gambling, when the Kentucky Courts upheld it's legality.

In 2012, thanks to Instant Wagering Kentucky Downs had it's best year ever. Track management is so optimistic, they are requesting additional racing dates in 2013. In the jockey standings Brian Hernandez, Jr. came away with the riding title. Kentucky Downs has a purse value index of 28.

Kentucky Downs, completed another successful live racing meet in 2014.