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 Nature Took It's Course   !     

Ladies Day Ellis Park another track that runs a short summer meet rated at 21 the quality of racing is above average. That doesn't mean things are good, Kentucky being a non racino state has made Ellis Park deal with a lot of competition from Indiana and owners vowed that 2010 was the last year for this family owned track.

Despite the threats Ellis Park did re-open for the 2011 season continuing to run Friday, Saturday and Sunday a format it adopted a few years earlier.

 Ellis Park is kind of an odd place. It is officially located in Kentucky, but has an Indiana area code. This is due to the fact that after the track was built on land that was in Kentucky before the Ohio River changed course in 1792. It also creates a unique parking situation, as there are two entrances to the track parking lot. The Kentucky and Indiana entrances, if you want to arrive or return to Kentucky you have to cross the Ohio River, which is the boundary for the two states.

In 2012 Ellis Park continued on with it's weekend only live racing format. In the jockey standings Corey Lanerie emerged as the leading rider. Ellis Park also joined Kentucky Downs with the implementation of instant racing.