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  The Bannock Sandwich!     

Ladies Day Pari-mutual wagering started in 1964 in Pocatello, but not at Pocatello Downs. The original race site was the Bannock County Fairgrounds. Before the 1965 a dispute over Sunday racing forced the leadership of the Pocatello Racing Association to hastily construct a track just outside the city limits near the municipal airport. This facility was named Pocatello Downs.

Pocatello Downs held races till 1968 when pressure from horseman returned racing to the original Bannock Fairgrounds Site, and Pocatello Downs was abandoned. The track appears to still be at the airport, and the name Pocatello Downs now seems associated with the fairgrounds.

Wherever it is or whatever it's named Pocatello racing seems to enjoy more racing dates than most of it's partners on the Idaho Fair Circuit.

In 2011 Pocatello Downs ran it's normal spring races, and Robert Webb came away with the riding title.

In 2012 bad weather and lack of entries cost Pocatello three of it's nine days meet. Leading riding honors went to Alan Corson. 

In 2014 racing at the Bannock County Fairgrounds, has been reduced to four Sundays, starting May 4th.