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2018 Update

Pari-Mutual wagering was legalized in Alabama in 1973 when Greentrack Dog Track opened. Alabama opened it's first in only thoroughbred Pari-Mutual wagering facility 1987. The highly touted facility on the outskirts of Birmingham quickly fell far short of expectations and started a rapid decline to where it is today. The glamorous "Belle of the South" is now running dogs for the handful of people who show up to wager.

In 2012 Alabama is one of the few states that still conducts dog racing, there is no sign horse racing will ever return. On the bright side Birmingham Dog Track simulcasts thoroughbred racing.

2018 Update

The good news, Birmingham Race Course is still open and you can wager on live racing. The bad news, its dog racing and with the way dog tracks are disappearing, who knows how long this track will remain open?